Although the history of the use of cement in PNG is not widely known, the introduction of cement into the country began with the German Plantation owners. After the World War II, cement usage began to pick up momentum and most of the imports came from Australia and New Zealand. After PNG’s independence in 1975, the country started to look for cheaper sources of cement mainly from Asian countries.

With the country rapidly developing towards the 21st century, the government of PNG was quick to recognize the strategic importance of cement as the most basic commodity for industrial development.

The government’s vision to pioneer the cement manufacturing project was quite timely given the sudden growth in the mining and petroleum industries in PNG, and that the repercussive on the general construction industry has more than complemented the government’s vision.  It is projected that the consumption trend of cement will not diminish in PNG for quite long time as the country’s potential for industrial growth is very strong, in accordance with PNG’s Development and Strategic Plan (2010 ~ 2030) etc.


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